About us

We are an entrepreneurial couple who share a passion for travel and a love for small details.

We discovered the beauty of the Costa del Sol in Andalusia and decided to make this corner our home and the place where we bring our projects to life.

Our greatest satisfaction is providing unique experiences to our guests, making them feel at home through personalized attention that meticulously takes care of every detail.

We have integrated the most advanced technology into our apartments and reservation processes to simplify and optimize the guest experience.

Our goal is to continue growing and doing what we love most: offering the best of us to our guests.

We hope you can stay with us soon to enjoy the Costa del Sol. Welcome to your vacation home!



1. NUMBER OF GUESTS: The property is for the exclusive use of the people who have booked, not allowing entry to people outside the reservation.

2. RESPONSIBLE ENERGY USE: When using the air conditioning, close the doors and windows to maintain the temperature. Turn off the air when you are away.

3. CLOSE DOOR AND WINDOWS: Make sure to close the door with a double turn and close the windows and terrace doors if you are away.

4. NO DRUG CONSUMPTION: Occupants are not allowed to carry out annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illicit activities in the accommodation, and the consumption of any type of drug is also prohibited.

5. DEFICIENCIES: If you find any deficiency you must inform the company as soon as possible and during your stay in order to give you the opportunity to clarify things during your stay.

6. CLAIMS AND DEFAULTS: No claims will be accepted after the day of departure. In the event of any damage, you must inform the company by telephone and always before you leave the house, to avoid misunderstandings.

7. DAMAGE / THEFT: The occupants must treat the house and its contents with respect and not remove anything from it. They will be responsible for any damage caused by themselves.

8. USE OF THE GREEN AREA: In order to respect the tranquillity of the neighbours, it is not permitted to hold events in the green areas, nor to play golf in the gardens.

9. DOMESTIC ANIMALS: Dog owners must keep their dogs on a leash at all times on the streets and in the garden areas and, of course, pick up after their droppings. Owners must ensure that their dogs do not bark during the day or at night so as not to disturb their neighbours. Cats are not allowed to be fed in the streets.

10. SWIMMING POOL: The rules for the use of the swimming pool are posted in the swimming pool. We remind you that minors must always be supervised by an adult. The sun loungers are for common use, never for exclusive use, and cannot be reserved. It will be compulsory to collect the deckchairs after use.

11. POOL KEY: To access the swimming pool you need a special key, available in the flat. It must be left in the place where it was found at the time of departure. The loss of the key will result in an additional charge of 50€ to the reservation.

12. SILENCE: No games and/or noises are allowed later than 12.00 midnight and in August no later than 12.30. It is not allowed to play music outside so as not to disturb the neighbours.

13. LOSS OF OBJECTS: The company is not responsible for lost/forgotten objects. If the lost object is found when cleaning the house, it will be sent to the address provided by cash on delivery.

14. NON-COMPLIANCE OF RULES: We reserve the right to immediately evict guests who do not comply with the rules and to notify the authorities of any illegal activity carried out in the house or in the communal areas of the urbanisation.

15. IDENTIFICATION: It will be compulsory before entry to present the identity document of the guests to be sent to the authorities according to the law in Andalusia.